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Concept of God  

The Concept of God is best described in the root verse of Sikhism, known as the Mool Mantar. Every Sikh is encouraged to recite this multiple times every day, for purification of self. Mool Mantar, the first verse of Guru Granth Sahib and the first hymn composed by Guru Nanak, forms the basis of Sikh theology. The root verse sums up the basic beliefs of the Sikhs.

The Mool Mantar and its meaning:

Ik Onkar - There is only one God.

Satnaam- His name is Truth.

Karta Purakh - He is the Creator

NirBhau- He is without fear.

NirVair - He is without hate.

Akal Moorat - He is beyond time.

Ajooni - He is beyond birth and death.

Saibhang - He is self-existent.

Gur Prasad - He is realized by the Guru's grace.

The Sikh belief in one 'Supreme Being' teaches that God is present in all of creation and there is nothing in this creation devoid of God. It believes in the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient and transcendent God who controls the whole universe. The Sikh spirituality is centred on experiencing God through inward eye, and becoming one with Him. 


Waheguru - The Holy Name of God

In Sikhism, the True God or Supreme One is referred to as Waheguru, meaning Wonderful Teacher or Master. Wahe, originating from Persian language, means Wonderful and Guru, from Sanskrit language, denotes Teacher. Thus 'Waheguru' is the distinct representation of the Almighty God in Sikh tradition.

The term Shabad also refers to the holy name of God, Waheguru. Sikhs are obligated to have pilgrimage of Word (Shabad).

Meaning of 'Guru'

The Word Guru is derived from the Sanskrit language and denotes deep spirituality. It is comprised of two syllables, Gu and RuLiterally translated, Gu means 'darkness' (spiritual ignorance of mankind) and Ru denotes 'light' (radiance of spiritual knowledge). Thus, Guru stands for "the (divine) light that dispels the (spiritual) darkness".

Sikh Gurus were considered to be the embodiment of divine light that was transferred from Guru Nanak to rest of the Sikh Gurus.  


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